In Memory

Sharon Gilbert - Class Of 1964

From:     Trisha Hill
For Year:     1964

I miss you, Sharon Gilbert. I was sad to see you switch schools from Ft. Lauderdale High to Riviera High at the end of the school year in 1964. But when I got a letter from you that you were in Washington, DC working for the government (re: FBLA tests in Ft Lauderdale High (64), I was so happy for you. You were a wonderful person to know and a best friend to me. Don't think there's a day in my life that hardly goes by that I don't remember the good times we spent together going just about everywhere a teen could go to have fun back then. You were a sensation in Naughty Nymphs, too! I pray I will see you again someday. Till then Sharon, God Bless and Keep you in his loving care. Hugs, Trisha