BUZZ History


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Submitted by Bob Berman, the follwing is a recollection of how the BUZZ began.  Thank you Bob!

The idea of a 1961-1970 "all classes" reunion was first discussed on the last day of the class of 1967 20 year reunion July 19, 1987. On February 29, 1988 RBHS, Inc. was formed to be the Rivera Beach High School Alumni Association. The first ever "BUZZ" was held April 9, 1988 at the North Palm Beach Country Club and was billed as a "periodic" event. In conjunction with the 20 year reunion of the class of 1968 at the PGA July 22, 1988, RBHS, Inc. sponsored a hospitality Suite for all other classes to help the class of 1968 celebrate their 20 year reunion and to promote the idea of the "BUZZ". The first "official" BUZZ that was billed as the First Annual Hornet Buzz was held September 9, 1989 at St. Paul of the Cross. The Second Annual Hornet Buzz was held at the Airport Hilton on October 27, 1990. That was pretty much the end of the "annual" Hornet Buzz's. There was an "attempted" BUZZ in conjunction with the 25 year reunion of the class of 1967 at the Holiday Inn on Singer Island on June 27, 1992 but I remember that it really did not go over all that well. I think people were starting to get "over buzzed". From my records there was not another BUZZ until July 22, 2000 at the Jupiter Beach Club. The next one was July 19, 2003 at the Jupiter Beach Club. The next was June 17, 2006 at the Double Tree Plaza in Palm Beach Gardens and, of course, June 6, 2009 last night at the Marriott in conjunction with the 40 year reunion of the class of 1969. If you keep on the current schedule the next BUZZ would be in 2012 in conjunction with the 45 year reunion of the class of 1967.

Also the Hornet logo that was adopted by the RBHS, Inc. (Riviera Beach High School Alumni Association) is NOT the original or official Hornet logo from High School. I wish I could give credit to the artist but I do not know who it was. The logo was first used in conjunction with the 20 year reunion of the class of 1965 at their reunion in 1985. I "borrowed" it from there.

Also, class members (according to the original BUZZ committee) were to be referred to as "Hornets" and spouses were "Stingers".

I do have a whole file on the events that I described. I have all of the original stationary, envelopes art work etc. It was actually quite interesting looking though it all again. There has been a large number of truly dedicated individuals involved with this over the past years.

Bob Berman