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Terry Hodges - Class Of 1968

Terry Hodges

Deceased Classmate: Terry Hodges (1968)
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Classmate State: FL
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11/04/09 10:23 PM #1    

Robert Jordan (1968)

To anyone from the Class of 68 in general,

Browsing this always sad (and growing) list of classmates who have departed yesterday, I came upon Terry Hodges name.. I noticed there's no data about his death.. Is there anyone who can fill it in?

I remember Terry but did not know him well.. he was more or less in the so called "groups" that began in the 10th grade (Freshman were peons and not welcome) up to graduation.. Sharp dresser and I think he played baseball or was on one of the Varsity teams.. If I recall we were in the same Home Room most of those 3 or 4 years.. H precedes J.

But my best memory of Terry was in Miss (Miss sounds archaic doesn't it?) Dennis' "art" class.. if you want to call having 15 and 16 year-olds doing finger painting.. That was 1965-66 our Sophomore year.. It was a rowdy class and Terry joined in on the fun.. No fun for me though since I wanted to pursue an art education after graduation.. (went to PBJC and then art school in New York)

Fed up with all the rowdiness, near the end of the year 1965-66 she forced us to sit and listen to her recite 19th century art history.. and then proceeded to give an F to the entire class (but it wasn't really Terry's fault). She flunked the entire class which really burned me since I had never participated in the class cut up games. Of course I had 2 more years of RBHS to go but that F left a bad taste in my mouth.. From then on I did all my art at home in private.

Anyway sad to hear about Terry. I saw him out at PBJC in 1969 at the end of the first school year, 1968-9 and on the last day when we got out early, he gave me a lift from school back to RB.. Nice guy in the end.

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