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Joan Kouns - Class Of 1967

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05/23/09 09:43 AM #1    

Robert Jordan (1968)

To whom it may concern reading these tributes..

For a day or so I've read most of the tributes to our departed friends from Class of 1968. That is sad enough to read about our friends dying so young back in the 70s, or, at all, and still before their time.. When I went to my only Class of 68 reunion in 1988, there was a placard in the reception area near the sign in table with a list of deceased Class of 68 classmates. I was quite taken aback by it, we were all around 37 or 38 then. But there were "only" about 13 names on it then. Of the entire list of deceased classmates from all the RBHS classes, which is now up to around 160 years of death known and unknown, around 30 are from the Class of 1968, the largest percentage from the entire class body. An unhappy 20%. I worry about our graduating class. We all know this list can only get longer over time, but we all like to think we won't be on it until many more years have passed and it won't matter. Time will take us all, eventually, and this website too.

This is my first tribute comment.. I want to do more when time permits me to.. but seeing the Joan Kouns memorial.. I wonder if she is the sister of John Kouns who was in our Class of 68. Anyone know for sure? John I remember well as a funny character in my Home Room and possibly 10th grade English class.. I'm very sorry to hear about Joan, who I don't remember.. my deepest sympathies go out to the Kounses.

"Beautiful people you look like friends of mine.. you've got the same button on as i do.. that's gotta tell ya somethin'.." -- Melanie Sofka, Beautiful People, 1968.

06/14/09 07:41 PM #2    

James Still (1967)

I am Jim Still from RBHS Class of 1967. I knew Joan personally in Band. Her sister is Carolyn Kouns from RBHS Class of 1966. I don't know if she had other siblings. Carolyn was Homecoming Queen. Both were very pretty regardless and I had a passing crush on Joan since she was so nice to me. I was told they were fraternal twins and from different classes since Joan had to repeat a year.

Years later I heard Joan had died but I don't know the details. I would appreciate deeply anyone with information writing to me on this website so I know the details.

05/04/12 12:29 PM #3    

Mary Jane Forsythe (1967)

I was close to Joan and her family. Her death was a real eye opener to me. Joan committed sucide within a year of our graduation, I found it difficult and embarrasing at the funeral home during her viewing. Difficult because of the way she died, embarrasing because some of my fellow graduates used her viewing as a class reunion.

While I was talking to Joan's mother, I could hear the greetings and laughter at the door. All the while her brother John (yes, class of 68) was unconsolable in another room. Later while I was talking to Carolyn we were interupted by a individual that had to tell Carolyn "Joan called me the night she died, but I told her I was going out and would talk to her later".

I never had much respect for a lot of people in my graduating class, after this ordeal I had none. I wished them no ill will in life, only that they get what they deserve.

    Joan's family was 3 brothers and a twin sister.

09/24/16 04:53 PM #4    

Linda Roll (Vettori) (1967)

I do remember that she killed her self very sad. She was left behind a year from her twin sister cause Joan had been sick.  What a terrible loss for her family!  RIP JOAN

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