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Jerry (Gerald) Bullard   9/27/1948 to 2/18/2021

Jerry was born in PA, but within days moved to FL, and he always identified as being from FL. He briefly lived in Las Vegas, NV with his mother for 4th & 5th grades. All of his other school years were in FL including his HS years at Riviera Beach HS in West Palm Beach where he had many great years with many great friends. His college years were also in FL where he proudly attended Florida State University playing for the FSU Basketball team and was a member of the “ATO fraternity”, Alpha Tao Omega.

Jerry leaves behind his two daughters, Erin and Lindsay, he loved them most of all. Jerry also leaves behind his wife of 25 years, Lisa, Step-son Wesley, and two grandchildren Abigail and John. Sisters Caroline and Iris, and bothers Johnny and Jay. Niece Kaiya and Nephews Billy, John, Troy and Justin.

Most people describing Jerry say he was a funny guy and that’s probably because he came from a funny (and fun) family, get-togethers were hilarious and a great time. Jerry always had the need to make sure people were having a great time in which often he would be the one entertaining them. He had several jokes and pranks that he always told and played. When asked how long he was married he would say two, to which people would ask two years and he would say “no, too long.” Or if people said to him this must be your wife, he would say “no this is my girlfriend, my wife is out of town.” His wife would tell him you’re funny… funny looking, funny smelling. Jerry was very tall at 6’5” and his go to prank was to walk thru a doorway and slap the arch with his hand and then grab his forehead and fall to the ground. People would rush to him and ask if he was all right? He just loved doing that, until he smashed a ring so bad it was bent in and had to be cut off. His wife would always say behind every funny guy is a wife rolling her eyes.  His other great prank was to tell the waiter at a restaurant it was someone’s birthday at the table (even though it wasn’t!) and ask for cake and to sing Happy Birthday to them. He loved doing that! I’m not sure if it was to get them a free desert or to just make them feel special.

Jerry loved his FSU football and basketball teams, and college games in general. He spent a lot of Saturdays watching college sports. His wife said he has no other vices, he works hard, he’s loyal and he doesn’t drink, he enjoys this, so he gets to do this.

Jerry loved these lyrics by Jimmie Buffet and I know he wanted it to be his epitaph…

“Some of it was magic and some of it was tragic, but I had a good time.”

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