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Howard (Ward) Flynn - Class Of 1966

Ward Flynn, RBHS Class of 1966, passed away this past Sunday, November 4, 2012 after a four year bout with cancer. When first notified,his doctor estimated he had about a year to live. Ward defied the odds, living almost four more years to the day. He did this through an incredible amount of fortitude, spiritual growth, and a close network of friends, many of whom were from Boulder, where he had lived for the past twenty years or so. Also in that network were classmates Dana Wilcox and Brian Van Duzee, who has also lives in Boulder. I was fortunate enough to have had brunch with Ward and Dana this past year when Ward visited the West Palm area. Although you could tell the physical impact the cancer had taken on him, I don't think I've ever known anyone who had come to terms with his impending demise than he. He kept a blog on his experiences-- had just recently published a guide book on dying based on his own journey: To say that Ward was one of a kind is an understatement. He published his own weekly newspaper while still in high school, put together the first "superband" in the area in the late 60s, taught English at our old high school when it became Suncoast, and published a book on management and leadership in the 90s. Farewell for now, old friend, see you on the other side. Although we may be parted, we'll never say good-bye.


Posted by:  Ryamond (Ray) Eberling


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11/13/12 09:51 PM #1    

Linda Harris (Moffitt) (1966)

I first became friends with Ward in 7th grade , he had the mosst beautiful blue eyes and contagious smile that I had ever seen. I can honestly say he was my first major "crush" as a a silly teenage girl. We remained friends all through high school and then each went our seperate ways.  I am so happy that we reconected as friends about ten years ago...I was blessed to remain friends with one of the most courages human beings I have ever know...he was and always be an inspiration to us all.  May he rest in peace and always remain in our hearts.

12/11/12 03:11 PM #2    

David Parks (1966)

Ward and i became  friends in 4th grade he lived across from Lake Park Elementary School,I lived a few blocks away, he had turtles in a pond in front yard  of his house,the house is gone now,we had a lot of  fun as kids

12/19/12 11:23 PM #3    

Scott Simpson (1965)

Ward & I became friend early in our high school years. We worked together at the Sun Newspaper for a summer. He loved to recount the story of his getting hired on there... he had no idea what he was doing with the big camera used to shoot the plates for the printer. But he was undaunted and succeeded (after wasting many plates :) ) as he seemed to do with everything he tried. We did the weekly newspaper when he was a junior and I was a senior. We were shut down (prevented from getting anything printed) by Mr. Nunn who had taken over the Sun Newspaper.

We saw each other infrequently after high school, but did stay in touch. Then, miracle of miracles, we both ended up in Boulder, CO. Ward had planned on joining me on a sailing trip in the Bahamas when he was diagnosed. I wish he could have come. I saw him many times throughout his illness. He was so positive and driven to make something out of what he called his "journey". I miss him, too... as everyone who knew him does!

See you next time around, buddy...

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