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RE: Favorite Teachers
Posted Tuesday, April 27, 2010 08:34 PM

Rudi Strickland wrote:

Anyway, My favorite teacher was Mr. Ostean, Chemistry. That's my 2 cents.

His son David Ornstein supplies the wardrobe for Boardwalk Empire, Martin Scorcese's series on HBO about Atlantic City in the early 20s.  He also runs vintage clothing expos in NY.

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RE: Favorite Teachers
Posted Tuesday, April 27, 2010 08:41 PM

Brenda Joy Stiles Pelfrey wrote:

My favorite teacher was Margo Zammit, speech & drama. She was young, beautiful. Miss Florida. Every guy took her class. I was in the called "Mrs. McThing". We were rehearsing one day and she made us do it over and over and I forgot I had a mike on and said the "S" word and of course she heard it. She called me aside and really let me have it. I felt so ashamed because I had disappointed her. Would really like to know what happened to her. She was married to a baseball player but later divorced.  

Another favorite was Mrs. Wilson, algebra. What a wonderful teacher she was. I visited her several times after she retired. Her son Ed Wilson and I are good freinds.

Brenda Stiles Pelfrey '65'


I used to work at the Beach Club, a restaurant on Singer Island just south of the public beach.  One time they sent me out to a barbeque place on Military Trail to help out for the evening.  Mrs. Zammit came in with friends.  They sat down at a table and ordered drinks.  The staff of the restaurant were sure that she was underage.  I told them several times that she was my teacher and was definitely not underage.  Even after they checked her ID, they still thought she was and had given them a fake ID.

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Favorite Teachers
Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2012 08:33 PM

Sarah, your correct on Ms Allinson description and nurturing her students. I took her class for a short time in 1967 but switched schedules. Some friends in the class stayed close with her. She was a great person and teacher. She did get close to getting in trouble with her career, she married one of her students I think it was in 1967 and at the end of the school year they moved to California. She was liked by a lot of students.


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RE: -1'
Posted Friday, October 19, 2012 08:22 AM

I remember a lot of the teachers. I guess if I had to pick a "favorite" it would have been any of them that didn't send me to the Deans office that day. There was Mr. Robinson, Math/Algerbra. He used to stand resting on the chalkboard, one foot crossed over his knee, and played these incredible drum rudiments while he taught. There was never a "Mr. Knowles". He was always Coach Knowles. And then there was Coach Mac for phys ed. (Carl Macmellon) Glenn Scambler for Biology. (He had an issue with his you were never really sure if he was looking at you...or someone else) Very strict, but always fair. Then there was Mr. Fory. Again, very strict, but always fair. Ms Allison was a real sweetheart, both as a teacher and person. Marty Gold was the Dean before Mickey Neal, and after Mr Pilicy. ( long did I go We as students had no idea how fortunate and blessed we were. Look at the school system today. People getting passing grades just so they can participate in  a sport. It's seriously wrong, not to mention shameful. Mrs. Wilson was an excellent teacher, as was Dorothe Krayer. Mr. White taught Drivers Ed. Thinking back on those times, I think he probably smoked a lot of pot just to get through the day...!!! Oh, just another thought regarding the school system. My oldest daughter became a teacher. When she had gotten to the point where she could substitute, she had a problem with a student while working at Palm Beach Gardens High School. The student actually attacked her and began choking her. This student was one of the ones that today they refer to as obese. Couldn't pass a fried chicken place without going in and eating most of the food in sight. Nor could the student pass any fast food place without stopping for a "bite". (if memory serves me correct, the student was such a fat ass PIG, they needed a truck scale to weigh her). Bottom line, her "punishment" for attacking and choking my daughter was a 10 day suspension. Had we even THOUGHT of raising a hand to a  teacher, we'd have been expelled from any and all schools in the STATE. My how times have changed. We actually respected authority, not challenged it, or defied it. Then again, we also respected our parents, knew who both were, and our parents weren't 13, 14, or 15 when we were born. We knew right from wrong, obeyed the law, and NEVER had at least one gun on our person. Yes, we were blessed as students and people. We had values and morals. (Well, most of us Well, that's my least for the time being.

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